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Vayechi Left-Right Game

Pre-school children all come home this parsha with two hands crossing over each other for the blessing of Ephraim and Menashe (right and left hand). This gave us the inspiration to create a "Right and Left" Game with the story of this week's parsha. (Please excuse the "poet's license" with some of these sentences :))

Click Below to download the printable game:

Parshas Vayechi Game
Download PDF • 161KB

Game Goal: Pass around an object around the table as you hear the words "Left and Right", the winner is the one that the object lands on at the end of the parsha tale.

Game Preparations:

  • Take a special item or treat that will be used to pass around. It can also be a pack of treats that everyone at the table will enjoy once the game is over.

To Play:

  • Choose the Story Reader.

  • Choose the first player.

  • The Reader will begin reading the parsha. Everyone will listen to the story. The person holding the item will listen out for the words "left" and "right". When they hear either one, they have to pass that item onto either the person on their left or their right.

  • The game continues, the item moves back and forth and around the table. The player that has the item at the end of the story wins the game!

Bonus Play:

  • You can choose to read the story twice if you have a larger crowd and want the treat/item to reach all the way around the table.

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1 Comment

This game was a real hit at our table this week!

Our Shabbat table is filled with lively kids that need to be busy every moment.

This is the version we played that was SOOO exciting and super fun:

Every person at the table was holding a SPOON. One person was holding a FORK.

When the instructions were "right / or left" EVERY participant past their piece of cutlery as instructed - the person holding the FORK at the end of the game was the winner!!

Thank you Camp crate for these Parsha Games - these games have transformed our Shabbat table into an atmosphere of real shabbos environment - love, peace and joy!!

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