What is Camp Crate?

Camp Crate was a camp in a box created to give girls an exciting Jewish themed, skill-based crafty experience!! Created and directed by two after school program directors, the program aimed to provide a creative and unique summer. The program included high quality, skill building courses in cupcake decorating, art, crafting, electrical engineering and more, taught by experienced instructors.

Camp Crate Year Round?

After an amazing and successful summer, we have been asked to have our video classes available throughout the year. We have restructured our website to provide access to our classes as a monthly subscription. For only $29 a month you will have access to 72 classes in arts, culinary arts, science and more!! Join our plan for fun for the family.

How much is the video subscription? 

The Summer Video subscription plan is $29 a month and will give you access to over 70 classes.

​What age is Camp Crate geared toward? 

Our classes are geared towards kids ages 10-13. We have had younger children who have enjoyed our program, as well as older children. 

How is your program unique? 

Our goal is not simply to entertain children. Our goal is to create a specialty program where your daughter will learn skills. Our classes are skill based and have clear goals set to teach girls foundations in cupcake decorating, electrical engineering, art etc.
Our video how-to classes are given by experienced instructors that have been teaching children these classes.

Supplies for the Classes?​

​Purchasing the Camp Crate subscription plan will give you access to all of our summer 2020 classes. Boxes of supplies is available for purchase (while supplies last).  Each box of supplies includes supplies for 22-24 classes.

Do I need to Purchase your boxes for the videos?

Some of the classes require basic supplies that you may have at home or can easily be purchased near you. There are some classes that have very specific supplies which we provide in our boxes. 

Can I share my video access? 

Only the immediate family who registered and paid for the subscription can use your account. In order for us to maintain the website and all of its components, we need your subscriptions. By signing up, you help us keep up these amazing classes as well as help us create new content.

Can I download and save videos to my computer?

Sorry, we do not allow downloading our videos. Our pricing is calculated as a subscription and not a permanent product purchase. 

Where do you ship to?

Shipping is available in the US.

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