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What is Camp Crate?

Camp Crate sends you skill-building engaging crafts and activities ready for your child ages 8-13 to enjoy independently. Each craft comes with an online tutorial. 
Children’s activities made simple. Let us do the work and prep, so you can relax and actually have a moment or two to breathe. Our  wide variety of high quality skill building courses included pre-recorded classes taught by experienced instructors. 

What is Camp Crate 2.0

Camp Crate 2.0 contains everything your child needs for a summer of fun and enjoyment. Each box is loaded with all supplies necessary for 24 STEAM activities! Each activity comes with a 30 minute online class! That’s over 12 hours of quality skill-building entertainment for only $165. Geared for ages 8-13 to do completely independently. All you need to do is order the box! 

How does the program work? 

Purchase the Camp Crate 2.0 box. Once it arrives at your home, email us to activate your 6 month subscription to all of the classes. You can choose to participate in the recorded classes at your convenience!

​What age is Camp Crate geared toward? 

Our classes are geared towards kids ages 8-13. We have had younger children who have enjoyed our program, as well as older children. 

How is your program unique? 

Our goal is not simply to entertain children. Our goal is to create a specialty program where your child will learn skills. Our classes are skill based and have clear goals set to teach children foundations in art, engineering, crafting, culinary arts and more!
Our video how-to classes are given by experienced instructors that have been teaching children these classes.

Supplies for the Classes?​

​Purchasing a Camp Crate box will include all of the supplies needed for the classes (excluding a glue gun and ingredients for culinary arts) in that box series.

Can I share my video access? 

Only the immediate family who registered and paid for the box can use your account. In order for us to continue providing the creative outlet for kids, we need your support. By signing up, you help us keep up these amazing classes as well as help us create new content.

Can I download and save videos to my computer?

Sorry, we do not allow downloading our videos. Our pricing is calculated as a subscription and not a permanent product purchase. 

Where do you ship to?

Free Shipping (over $75) is available in the US. Please inquire if you wish to ship elsewhere.

Camp Crate for Schools/Camps?

Camp Crate has provided customized programs for camps and schools that wanted some of our activities as kits. Please reach out to us if you are interested. 

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