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Shemos Taboo Game

Here's a super fun Shabbos table game for Parshas Shemos! Engage the older kids (and adults too) in meaningful, interactive activities.

All you need to do is download, print, and cut out the cards!

Shemos Taboo (1)
Download PDF • 183KB

Game Objective: Players need to guess the word on the top of the card, without using the four "Taboo" words.

Game Preparations:

  • Print and cut out game pieces. Place the pile of taboo cards, face down, in the center of the table.

To Play:

  • Divide the table (or group) in half.

  • For each round, choose a team member to be the card reader, and a player from the other team who will be the observer to ensure the player is not saying the Taboo words.

  • Each team has a one-minute turn (look a wall clock). The reader draws a card form the pile and begins describing the card to his/her team without saying the 4 taboo words (words below the main word). The player continues blurting out descriptions of the word, while the team guesses words until they guess correctly. They keep the cards they collect. In the meantime, the observer from the other team is checking to make sure none of the "Taboo" words are being used.

  • If a "Taboo" word is used, that team's turn is over.

  • The word cannot be said in another language (i.e. If the word is Egypt, the reader cannot say "another name for Mizrayim")

  • The player cannot say part of the word (i.e. If the word is "slavery", the player cannot say "slaves".

  • After the minute is over, the other team takes their turn.

  • Take turns until all of the cards are finished.

  • The team with the most cards wins.

If you enjoyed the game, please leave us feedback on our blog!!

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