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Parshas Yisro Teamwork Game

This week's Parsha tells us about the unity of the Jewish people in the days before the giving of the Torah. This week's shabbos table game will require teamwork and unity, playing together to find the correct parts of the phrase.

Yisro Phrase Game (1)
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Game Objective:

To work together to complete the sentences scattered around the table, and learn about the parsha.

Game Preparations:

  • Print and cut out game pieces. Keep them separated by shapes. Each shape will be a different round in the game.

  • Place each pile of cards on the table. Give each pile a mix.

To Play:

  • Begin with one shape. Let's use the circle cards for the example.

  • Place all of the circle cards around the table face upward.

  • There are 4 cards to every sentence/phrase. To build a sentence (or phrase) there needs to be a number 1,2,3 and 4 card.

  • Choose someone to pick a card with a number 1.

  • Next, everyone at the table searches for a card 2 that will continue the sentence.

  • Continue finding card 3, then card 4, completing the sentence!

  • Start again choosing another card 1, and continue the same steps to complete the sentence.

  • Once all 5 sentences are completing with one shape, spread out the second shape, then third, and continue the game until you completed all 15 sentences of the parsha together with everyone at the table!


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1 Comment

This game was so fun! We had 15 people at the Shabbat table and instead of putting the papers at the center of the table, we had three teams. each team got a shape. 5 people per team. The team worked together to create the sentences as fast as they could. It worked out so well and loads of fun...especially when the "triangle shape team" with a few of them who attend public school and created sentences without following the rule using the is a sentence they created:

  1. the Jewish people

  2. smoke

  3. for six days

  4. a system of judges

  5. were trembling

LOL. we had a good laugh:)

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