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Parshas Vayigash Broken Telephone Game

Parshas Vayigash Broken Telephone Game
Download PDF • 136KB

Game Goal:

Players whisper a parsha phrase into each other's ears and the last person in the chain needs to try and decipher the message.

Game Preparations:

  • Print and cut out the Parsha Phrase Cards.

  • Place the cards on the table face down.

To Play:

  • Choose the first player. The first player picks up a phrase card and whispers it into the person on his/her left. The player on the left then repeats what he/she heard to the person on his/her left. Continuing around the circle, each person will whisper the phrase to the next. The last person needs to call out the phrase. Was the phrase decipherable?

  • Now choose another person to initiate the next phrase. Continue until all of the phrases are used, and have fun along the way!

*Bonus Play:

  • The player that ends the cycle and blurts out the phrase, should stop and think of a lesson that we can learn from that part of the parsha.


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