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Parshas Tetzaveh Tile Game

Build family connections while educating yourself and your family on the Parsha with our fun Tetzaveh Tile Game. Great for all ages!! All you need to do is print, cut and enjoy!!

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Tetzaveh Tile Game (1)
Download PDF • 10.56MB

Game Objective: Players need to fill up their board with items that connect to the pictures on their board. The winner is the first to complete the board.

Game Preparations:

  • Print and cut game pieces and boards

  • Each player receives a game board.

  • Shuffle and hand out six tile cards to each player.

  • Place the rest of the pile, faced down, near the game "Dealer".

  • Place the game reference sheet in the center of the table or play area.

Game Rules:

  • Before starting the first round, each player should see if any of the cards in their hand connect to the items on their board. They can then place the game tiles on their board.

  • Use the reference sheet as a guide as to which tiles belong to each picture.

  • Each board picture has 3 potential tiles that can be used.

  • Double tiles cannot be placed on the same board.

To Play:

  • The "Dealer" draws one card from the pile.

  • The player now has a chance to place the tile on the board if the tile connects. Then, the player takes any card from his/her hand pile and pass it to the person on the right.

  • If the tile does not connect, the player then passes any card to the right.

  • The next player looks at the card and again checks if he/she can use it, and then passes that card, or another one from his/her pile to the player on the right. The game continues around the table.

  • Once the card gets back to the dealer, the dealer places the card in a discard pile, and then draws a new card from the pile. The game continues until one player completes his/her board.

The game winner can then explain the connection of the tiles to the board pictures.

If you enjoyed the game, please leave us feedback!

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