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Parshas Bo Charades Game

Print and play this fun Parshas Bo Charades Game with your family! We've done all the work, all you need to do is print and cut!

Click to Download:

Bo Charades Game
Download PDF • 144KB

Game Objective: Players will briefly act out the part of the parsha on the charade card.

Game Preparations:

  • Print and cut out the Charade Cards.


  • Give each player a charade card. If there is extra, give out a second card to each player.

To Play:

  • Begin with the youngest player.

  • The player reads his/her card and then silently acts out the scene. in his/her place.

  • All of the other players guess the part of the parsha that is being acted out.

  • The first to guess the card correctly wins that card.

  • After all of the cards are played, the player with the most cards is the winner!


If you enjoyed the game, please leave us feedback on our blog!!

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