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Mishpatim Bingo Game

Fun for all ages! This week's Parsha Bingo Game will be a fun experience for the whole Shabbos table! Just print, cut and play!!

Parshas Mishpatim Bingo
Download PDF • 18.56MB

Game Objective:

Play a fun family game of Bingo while discussing the Parsha and its lessons.

Game Preparations:

  • Print out Bingo boards and cards

  • Choose a candy (winkies, chocolate chips etc.) as Bingo pieces.

To Play:

  • Give each player a bingo board and some candies

  • Choose a dealer.

  • Place the pile of Bingo cards in front of the dealer, facing downwards.

  • The dealer chooses a card, reads the card, and players find the piece on their board, and place a candy on it. The dealer continues picking cards.

  • The winner is the first person to get a whole row. You can continue to play until someone completes the entire board.

Add more education into the game by discussing the connection to the Parsha.

Have fun!

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