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"Kosher Burger" Parshas Mishpatim

These adorable desserts are so fun to make and easier than they look! They will add much excitement and meaning to your Shabbos table this week!

Following the revelation at Haar Sinai, Hashem commands a series of laws for the Jews, including the prohibition of eating milk and meat together. Hashem promises to bring the Jews to Eretz Yisrael. Moshe ascends Haar Sinai and remains there for forty days and forty nights to receive the Torah from Hashem.

To portray the mitzvah of not mixing milk and meat, create these adorable "Kosher Burgers"!!

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Honey cookies (vanilla cupcakes can works too)

  • Brownies (cake mix or homemade)

  • Red and Green Icing (Recipe Below)

  • Circle cookie cutter

  • Piping bags or ziploc bags

Icing Recipe:

  • 3 cups of confectioner's sugar

  • Water (we'll be adding tablespoons one a time)

  • Green food coloring

  • Red food coloring

Icing Directions:

Place the confectioner's sugar in a bowl. Begin with one tablespoon of water. Mix well and slowly add more water, half a spoonful at a time to make sure the icing isn't going to turn too runny. Once the icing is all mixed and at a nice thick consistency, divide the icing into two bowls.

Add red food coloring to one bowl and mix well, and green food coloring to the other bowl and mix well.

Pour the icing into piping bags or ziploc bags.

Assembling the "Burgers"

  1. Using the circle cookie cutter, cut out circles of brownie.

2. Take two honey cookies out and place them on your workspace.

3. Cut the tip of the icing bags and using the red icing, pipe a circle on one of the honey cookies (to resemble a tomato slice)

4. Place the brownie circle on top of the piped honey cookie. This will be the "meat" in the burger.

5. Using the green icing, pipe a zigzag around the top of the brownie. This will resemble the greens in the burger.

5. Lastly, place the honey cookie on top of the brownie to close off the "sandwich". And there you have it, these adorable kosher burger treats for your shabbos table, school, or community program!!

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