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Edible Binoculars for Parshas Shelach

It’s time to create some fun treats connected to this week’s Torah portion, Parshas Shelach! These adorable edible binoculars are fun to make, and a great way to bring the Torah learning to life.

In Parshas Shelach, Moshe sends out a group of spies to scout the Land of Israel, after the Jewish people requested that they send a delegation to ensure their victory in the land. The group of spies, aside from Kalev and Yehoshua, came back with reports that frightened the Jewish people, which resulted in the Jews punishment of wandering and traveling in the desert for forty years before reaching the Land of Israel. Kalev and Yehoshua, brought back good reports of the Land and were devastated by their peers. They tried their hardest to convince the people of the incredible land that awaits them.

Let’s get started with these adorable edible binoculars that represent the journey of the spies.

What You Will Need:

  • Cannolis

  • Jam

  • Fruit leather and thin fruit leather rolls

Creating the Binoculars:

To begin we will use two different size fruit leather, a rectangular shape, and rolls of thin strips. If there is only one size available in stores near you, the same result can be accomplished by using a larger piece and cutting strips.

Place two cannolis on your workspace. Take the thin fruit leather strips and spread jam over the strip. Place the fruit leather strip over the cannoli, jam side down, towards the bottom of the cannoli, wrapping the strip around. Repeat on the second cannoli.

Next, cut a strip from the fruit leather that is about ¾ of an inch wide. Hold the two cannolis together and wrap the strip around both cannolis. If needed, use a little jam on the bottom to keep everything together.

And there you have it, an edible Parsha craft for your family!

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