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Dreidel Smash Bombs With Surprise Gelt!

Candy, chocolate, surprises, what's more exciting than the experience of a smash bomb?!

But wait, there's more, this smash bomb has one more Chanukah element in here, we added a surprise "Chanukah Gelt" packet! You can surprise your family with $1, $5, $10, $100, or whatever amount you'd like to give. Create these for your kids, and they'll likely remember this for years to come.

Set these smash bombs at the table, or play a game and give the winner a chocolate smash bomb to open and reveal the gelt!

Enough about the Smash Bombs, let's jump right in. I wish I could say these are super simple to make, just pop them into the molds, and voila. However, the chocolate dreidel molds are a bit harder to work with than the traditional sphere mold. So, if you aren't great in the kitchen, this might not be the first recipe you should jump into. That being said I will share with you my tips and tricks to make this a success.

Here's What You Will Need:

  • Silicon dreidel molds

  • Baking chocolate or dairy chocolate (not chocolate chips)

  • Candy

  • Very tiny zip lock bags (1"x2")

  • Money

What You'll Need to Do:

1 . Melt the chocolate. Melting chocolate can be done in many ways, You can microwave the chocolate or use a double boiler (or a metal bowl on top of a small pot). My personal preference is to use the bag in the hot water method for this project. The reason for this is because, for the molds, you really don't want your chocolate to be too hot. The best is for the chocolate to be at the point of just melting, that way it will set, or harden, faster.

To melt the chocolate using the bag method follow this process.

  1. Cut up the chocolate into small bits.

  2. Take 2 ziplock bags and put one into the other.

  3. Place the chocolate into the inner bag, let out the air, and close both bags.

  4. Fill up a bowl with hot water. Be careful not to burn yourself there. Place the bag in the hot water, then place a metal spoon on top as a weight to keep the chocolate bag under the water, heating up the chocolate.

  5. Let it sit for a few minutes, then use the spoon to press the chocolate a bit to help melt the chocolate faster, Let the chocolate rest for another few minutes until the chocolate is completely melted.

2. Fill the molds. Take the bag out of the water and remove the outer bag, which will be wet. Using a pair of scissors, cut a very small hole at the tip of the bag, allowing you to pipe chocolate from the bag. Next, fill the molds with a generous amount of chocolate.

3. Coat the edges. Using a spoon spread the chocolate throughout each dreidel cavity. Be generous about the chocolate. The more chocolate you use, the easier it will be to remove it from the mold without cracking.

4. Second Coat. While the chocolate begins to set, and the chocolate gets thicker, use a spoon to spread the chocolate again around each cavity of the dreidel, specifically around the top part of the dreidel, where you spin from. You can use the chocolate that is pooled in the center or add chocolate if there is not enough. The idea is to create a thick chocolate wall to be able to hold shape and not crack.

5. Scrape the edge of the mold. To get a clean sharp edge, use a spoon or a butter knife to scrape down the edge of the cavities to remove excess chocolate.

6. Set the chocolate. If you are using the correct chocolate and not overheating it, the chocolate should set and harden at room temperature. However, I find putting it in the fridge will speed up the process. Make sure the chocolate is nice and set before any attempt to remove them from the molds.

7. Remove the chocolate from the molds. Once the chocolate is set, you can carefully remove the chocolate from the molds, starting from the center. If the dreidel tip cracks off, you can always "glue" it back on with a little bit of warm chocolate.

8. Pack the "Gelt". Fold up your dollar bills and place them in the small zip bags. Close the bags well. (Remember to wash your hands after handling cash)

9. Fill the half a dreidel. To make it easier to fill, place the chocolate dreidel half back into the mold, fill it with some candy and the bag of money.

10. Seal the dreidel. Pipe a rim of chocolate around the dreidel half, and then place another half over it, creating a complete dreidel! Smooth out any additional dripping chocolate, wrap it, and there you have it, ready for the perfect surprise smash!!

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