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Chanukah Paper Mosaic Art Activity

Are you looking for an activity to do with your kids one night of Chanukah? You can use this craft as a party idea, or just a family Chanukah night activity after dinner. The wood board is from Dollar Tree, and all of the other supplies I just found around my house! Yes, pretty simple, it is just glue, scissors, and paper. And best of all, we provided some templates for you to print out. Choose our design ideas, or get creative on your own.

Here's What You Will Need:

  • Wood plaque or board (You can even do this project on a piece of cardboard!)

  • Colored paper (construction paper, scrapbooking paper etc..)

  • Basic Glue

  • Scissors

  • Paintbrush

  • Chanukah Templates (optional)

Paper Mosaic Template
Download PDF • 141KB

What You Will Need To Do:

Begin by planning out what your main picture will look like. Cut the desired shapes from the color paper you wish to use. Glue the designs down.

Next, choose the color papers you would like to create your mosaics with. Cut small triangles with the desired colors.

Work in sections. Put glue down and use the paint brush to spread the glue evenly. Take the triangle shapes and start placing them down on the glue, leaving gaps that will resemble the grout in real mosaics. Try to puzzle the pieces in the best possible way. Feel free to cut some pieces to create a better fit.

Continue working around the board, adding glue and paper mosaics,

And there you have it! A beautiful artwork, with minimal supplies!

If you enjoyed this project, please, leave us some feedback!

Have a Happy Chanukah!

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