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BR Teen Club Registration

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Step 1: DYCD Application

Fill out the DYCD application on the DYCD Portal. This is a link to the NYC portal for DYCD funded programs. Please use this PDF as a guide when filling out the application on the DYCD website to ensure your application is filled out correctly.

Please note: We cannot accept children who deny consent to emergency medical treatment. These situations are rare, and we will do our best to contact you if such a situation arises. If we cannot reach you, we must have your consent to allow us to treat your child and keep them safe.

Step 2: Emergency Contacts & Medical Forms

Fill out the Emergency Contacts and Medical Form by clicking here. This provides us with quick access to your child’s emergency contacts and updated medical forms.


Please download a blank medical form and have it filled by the applicant’s doctor. 

Please note that a valid medical form is required to join the program. A medical form is considered valid if :

  1. It is dated within one year and 

  2. It includes an immunizations list.

Step 3: BR Term 1 Request Form

Please click here to fill the BR Teen Club Term 1 request form. This will allow you to choose your preferred clubs for term one. Filling this form does not guarantee a spot in a specific club.


How do I know if my child was accepted into the program?


Once you are accepted onto DYCD, you will receive an email directly from the DYCD program Please allow 5-10 business days to receive confirmation. 


For BR Teen Club placement, you will be receiving an email regarding the program, the clubs your daughter is in and the program start date, within a couple of weeks. 

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