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The Jewish STEAM program delivered to your door. 

Developing skills and talent in our children.

How It Works?

1. Order a box. Order our
Camp Crate  2.0 box.


2. Delivered. The box will be shipped and delivered to your door.

3. Log On and Enjoy! Activate your plan and enjoy hours of learning and fun!

Camp Crate 2.0
Camp Crate 2.0

Camp Crate 2.0
Camp Crate 2.0

Camp Crate 2.0
Camp Crate 2.0

Camp Crate 2.0
Camp Crate 2.0


Crafting and Arts made Simple

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"My daughter is currently doing Camp Crate and absolutely LOVING every single activity. She is learning so many new interesting and exciting things!!

She's been gaining so many skills!!

Greatest summer experience ever!!

I would totally recommend this camp to girls who love art and creativity!!"



Toronto, CA 

"I wanted to share with you how your program is much more than just keeping our children busy (which it is). It is amazing to see how many different skills my daughter is learning. Additionally, it is beautiful to see how the kids work on their own. Some children are used to relying on the adults around them for help. Since your program is designed to be independent, these children are figuring out how to problem-solve"



Brooklyn, NY

"If I want to rate your camp 1 star, 5 stars...I would rate you 100 stars!! Your camp is incredible, professional and has the price is very reasonable. My daughter is loving it and is really happy, and is even teaching her younger siblings! Thank you so much!!!


San Francisco, CA

"I'm in total awe of the quality of the programming and care, detail and attention of everything. It is so fantastic! Thank you!!


Toronto, CA


What is Camp Crate?


Camp Crates send you skill-building engaging crafts and activities ready for your child ages 8-13 to enjoy independently. Each craft comes with an online tutorial. 
Children’s activities made simple. Let us do the work and prep, so you can relax and actually have a moment or two to breathe. Our  wide variety of high quality skill building courses included pre-recorded classes taught by experienced instructors. 

Camp Crate 2.0?

Camp Crate 2.0 contains everything your child needs for a summer of fun and enjoyment. Each box is loaded with all supplies necessary for 24 STEAM activities! Each activity comes with a 30 minute online class! There is over 20 hours of quality skill-building entertainment for only $160. Geared for girls and boys, ages 8-13, to do completely independently. All you need to do is order the box! 

When is Camp Crate 2.0 Starting?

Camp Crate boxes will be ready for shipping at the end of June. The video classes will be ready for viewing on July 1st. 


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