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Find The "Sealed Oil" Hunt

Chanukah is in the air and we wanted to create a fun game for you to play with your family, school, or community. Our "Sealed Oil" hunt is a fun game for all ages. Turn off the lights, hand out UV blacklights, and let's see who can find the only pure oil that has the Kohen Gadol's seal unbroken!

Oil Jugs Game
Download PDF • 455KB

Game Objective: Players need to search the jugs of olive oil, and find the sealed jug.


Game Preparations:

  • Print and cut out game pieces on neon cardstock.

  • Place them all around the room where you choose to play.

  • Hide the "sealed jug" of oil extra well.

To Play:

  • Give each player a black flashlight.

  • Tell the crowd: "We are the Macabees in the time of Chanukah, and we just took back control of the Beis Hamikdash from the Greeks. Now we are in need of pure olive oil with the Kohen Gadol's seal, to light the Menorah with. Who will be able to find a pure, unbroken jug of oil?"

  • Explain to everyone that on the count of three, the lights will close. They can turn on their blacklight flashlight which will illuminate the jugs. They will all go around the room collecting jugs, and searching for the sealed one.


  • The person that finds the pure jug of oil with the seal of the Cohen Kadol is the winner!

  • Additionally, the one who has collected the most jugs can be the runner-up.

Have a Happy Chanukah!

If you enjoyed the game, please leave us feedback on our blog!!

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